An impressive sentence in video of Angela: Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But I think before we get  grit, we must have our goal and motivation to do it. Because Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goal. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the weeks, not just for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality.


Tra Loc Ecotourism

And before we get grit, I’m sure we fell. I want to share my story to you:

 In high school, I were top pupil in my class but I failed the university exam, because I had not clearly goal, I didn’t know how matter hard my parents tried for me go to school, I didn’t know I lucky than my sister. So I did not have any motivation to do it by my best. Then my family support me went to Da Nang city for Accounting college.

When I were a student, I did not know how was grit. I had to balance my life from the spending money and diet. I saw the life in city and thought about my parents, myself. I changed my mindset and decided learning English, computer science to got certificate and knowledge in first year. I had some part- time jobs: sell newspapers, waitress, cashier, teacher, sale in mobile store. I never forget this time in my life because there are many tears falling, since I were fooled money away by many different ways and I felt selt- pity. But this time help me more about the life as stronger, confident, stamina and there are many memories I will remember until the end of my life: ride bicycle to find job in summer days and come back hostel with 2 packs of noodles for 3 people or how were I cried and beaten to fight for rights.…

After I graduated accounting college, I want to continue to go to school likely I have never been to go to school. So I convinced my parents agree for me making the transition from college to university in Da Nang university of economic.

I worked for a company within salary, a part- time job when I did not go to class. I learned many things, knowledge about accountant, practice computer skills as word, excel. I  Used photocopier machine, fax….

All experiences above help me more when I had interviews job and work. Of course knowledge at school are very important, it is basic knowledge to help you doing well in reality. I solve the problem in my work quickly, I know how to behave in the office to take effective in work. I work hard I feel more mature in my mind.

Over 3 years work in a company in Quang Tri province. There is a change in my life, I want to change working environment, so I apply severance. I want to go to Ho Chi Minh city. That time, I get information Viet Nam social security are recruiting officer on internet. I applied for district social security officer, where is my family live. If you want to become an officer in my province, you must have good relationship and money, it is not all but mostly. It is a barrier to me, because I don’t have both, my parents are farmer, of course farmers don’t have much money if not called poor. I were applying with little fear, sometime I think it try my courage, it make me feel I need overcome that fear. I pass the examination, all members in my family are great surprise.

Everyone has been telling me it is a good job, near my home, I’m very lucky… but I don’t think so, I think everyone should learn more and work more.



Hôm nớ nói chuyện với chị Mắm, chị nói chị nghĩ: học online là biện pháp cuối cùng, nhưng không ngờ miềng lại có sự tiến bộ.

Theo mình nghĩ, chưa chắc gọi nó là phương pháp cuối cùng. Vì khi học online  sẽ tiết kiệm được nhiều thời gian, lên lớp đúng giờ mà chẳng bao giờ lo bị tắc đường, thủng lốp xe… nhiều người lo lắng học những môn học bằng tiếng Việt qua internet đã khó, huống hồ chi là tiếng Anh, nhưng với mình thì điều đó hoàn toàn bình thường, chỉ cần máy lap nối mạng internet, và một headphone (hoặc máy bàn thì cần thêm webcam) là có thể tương tác rõ ràng, muốn biểu cảm, dùng body language chi cũng ok hết.

Lúc còn là sinh viên mình cũng đi học tiếng anh giao tiếp ở mấy trung tâm, rồi chứng chỉ A, B, C. Mình nghĩ vốn tiếng anh cũng ổn, dạng như “đủ xài”. Nhưng sau vài năm đi làm ít đụng đến thì nó mai một dần.

Hồi trước mình sống ở thành phố Đông Hà, Quảng Trị, muốn học thêm tiếng anh vì đam mê nó, nên chạy khắp cả thành phố để tìm, từ các trung tâm đến chi nhánh của các trường đại học đều đào tạo theo kiểu cấp chứng chỉ, biết được điều ni là do có đi  học chui mấy bữa, hehe. Giáo viên toàn dạy cấu trúc, làm bài tập, chứ chẳng nói, chẳng nghe gì hết, nên mình thấy chán phèo, nghĩ mang tiếng là thành phố mà chẳng có được một chổ học tiếng anh đúng nghĩa nữa.

May mắn khi chị Mắm mở lớp online, mình đăng ký liền. Và nhờ những khóa học ni mà mình đã tiến bộ rõ rệt. Phát âm chuẩn hơn, kỷ năng nói và viết tiến bộ thấy rõ.

Nên học online là phương pháp học hiệu quả đầu tiên với mình chứ chẳng phải là cuối cùng.

Nếu không có lớp online thì không có được sự tiến bộ như ngày hôm ni.

Và em nghĩ nhiều người cũng có những điều kiện khó khăn và mong muốn sự tiến bộ như em, nên hãy cứ duy trì và truyền lửa thông qua internet ni nghe chị Mắm.


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                                           Hành trình những ngày đầu “Líu lưỡi”


huong123When I watch this video, there is a question appearance in my mind that why don’t the Media of Viet Nam mention this topic- English mania? They mention a lot of music mania, singers or actors’ mania, sports mania…. Vietnamese doesn’t learning English together, so it is not enough strong to make a tsunami called English mania. Most of people learning English for they need certification to find works. This is my opinion or may be I didn’t care it. If you know, please show me some programs or some links talk about English mania.

You know that every thing has two faces: good and bad, manias are. Mania makes you feel rapturous, it can be inspirational for you doing some things, you become better if you learn good things from person who is you admire.

I don’t want to mention hysteria, scream, pandemonium, rapture, weeping, vision, alarming, even though deadly, all begin by mania.

I like speaker’s question: Why is English? We have more choose for learning foreign language, we can learn language of neighbour nation example Laos, Cambodia, Thailand… or some nations develop economy as China, Japan, France, Turkey… although called the world’s second economy, Chinese are trying to learning English while this nation is the most population in the world. And many people compliment Mr Lee Kwan Yew – Singapore prime minister who is a vision person for future since he has chosen English as common language, using for school, office…. So, in your opinion why are people choose English? In a single word: Opportunity. Opportunity for a better life, a job, to be able to pay for school, or put better food on the table….

Of course every one want to take the opportunity to change their life better, English is not all but it is one of important way help you do that. English is not likely a tsunami, washing away other language, English is the world’s second language, your native language is your life. With English you can become part of a wider conversation, open your relation, your knowledge and it is become the language of problem – solving.

Do you want to speak perfect English? And how is your method of learning English?

Let’s start to making change our life!



Have you ever read story

“The Eagle and the Chicken”?

Story tell that:

One upon a time,

the life shove an eagle

born and grew up

in a chicken farm.

The eagle believed

He was a chicken

one day he looked to the sky

and noticed a group of eagles

soaring in the sky.

“Oh”, the eagle cried

“I wish I could soar like those birds”

The chickens laughed it and said

“You cannot soar with those birds

You are a chicken

and chickens do not soar”

Each time the eagle talk out his dream

the Chicken told

it couldn’t be done

The eagle believes it’s true

after time he stopped dreaming

and continued to live his life like a chicken

Finally, after a long life

the eagle passed away.

The message is

You become what you believe

so if you ever dream to become an eagle

follow your dreams

not the words of a chicken.11116521_836752899711844_5404697798109028168_n

But there is the other message

should you tell your dream out loud?

Derek Sivers give his opinion

you should have kept your mouth shut

the reasons he gives

when you tell someone your goal

and they acknowledge it

psychologists have found that

it’s called a “social reality”

The mind is kind of tricked into feeling

that it’s already done

And then because you’ve felt that satisfaction

you’re less motivated to do

the actual hard work necessary

He makes me have a different perspective

and i think this is an interesting topic to discuss

In my opinion, it’s up to the goal and case

the way you represent your goal

Good things are people respond positively

they support you

so you believe you can do it

and get more motivation to do it

Or when they knew your goal

they can remind you

that mean you feel you haven’t done it yet

and what thing you need to improve it

My older sister is going to lose weight

she told to other

she want to lose 5 kilograms within 3 months

her plans are: do exercise, jogging, diet….

First month, she practiced hard

weight loss 1.5 kilograms

Everyone told her that she looks like thinner

and she was very happy

she believes what she did very well

she will archive her goal

After month, she gets appetite

so she eats more food

I told her that

she weigh gain if she doesn’t stop it

Then she exercised patience

and she archived her goal.

We return to the story above

Sometime it can kill your dreams

if people respond negatively

Do you have strong enough to believe in yourself?

Do you believe

what thing you have done and going to do are right?

I understand what Direk Sivers wants to explain

you don’t tell your goal does not mean

you don’t tell about getting help or support from other

Finally, I think only you decide

you should tell your goal or keep it silence

because it show your confidence, decisiveness

you are a mature and sensible attitude person.


8 secrets of success:

Passion, Work, Focus, Persist, Ideas, Good, Push, Serve.IMG_1520 modified

I think everyone had known 8 secrets in their life. Richard had shared helpful knowledge to improve my mind. Then I though about something of success in the life:

Different people have different definitions of success

Parents listen first cries of baby is a success,

Mothers spending lots of time with our family and helping her kids to grow into happy is success too.

Some people success in their work but they don’t have many time with their family.

So I think success is also manage your time good, balance work and life

Success is a processing not a result.

You image success is a treasure that you always want to find

On the way you go to a place have treasure,

You must do many things,

you need listen to your heart

And wonder is that true?

If you don’t see any treasure in the end of your way

I think at least you have a treasure is experience.

Thank you!


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Try something new for 30 days!


If you are students,

Every day you wake up late

Take the class and come back home.

You continue sleeping and

Then do some assignments.

Do you feel your life very boring?

Do you feel you waste your time?

I think you should watch  talk video of Matt Cutt: Try something new for 30 days.

I think this is an interesting topic

and powerful for us.

I go to the office to work every day.

Sometime I feel there is not different in my work,

Work has some difficults to solve,

My boss is very terrible.

So, i’m bore everything.

And think everyone turned against me.

I don’t want to work

I want to go somewhere to refresh myself.

I ride motorbike to Hue City to visit my friends,

We go to sightseeing together,

Share our own difficult,

Cooking some foods for a meal.

I feel better when I comeback home.

I think about works need to do:

Clean my house, do exercise,

Babysit for my brother,

Visit my grandmother,

Call to my sisters, my friends,

Read books or learning English,

Listen to music ….

I think all things really mean,

I get energy, feel stronger and confident.


bien va em

Have you ever shopping online?

Day by day, more and more people are shopping online.

It’s convenient and you can buy anything in the world by your computer, phone or tablet.

You sit in one place but you can get the right product at the right price.

There are many things you can choose: personal hygiene, household goods, food, clothes, shoes, etc…

Nowaday, online business is popular, a person, a group or a company can online business.

So if you are one of million people shopping online, you need searching things you looking to buy in Google only.

There are many online website appear, you click some different links for reference and compare the quality, price of product, and important to read online reviews from other people who bought the product or from product experts.

When you shopping online you can get coupon, discounts or free shipping.

You will also want to know the total cost of product.

Remember the shipping costs and other add-ons may not be included in these prices.

Before you decide to buy, check out the terms of the deal.

When will you get order?

And how will you payment?

If you order the first, Seller will call you to confirm follow phone number which is you give when you order.

Normally, you get order from 5 -7 work days in domestic and within 30 days for international of the sales.

I usually order books and electrics products online. Sometime I buy dresses, skirts, shoes, bag…

The website I choose are Vinabook, Nhanam, Tiki for Books. Nguyenkim, ebay, amazon, alibaba for electric products.

You can see online shopping bring convenience to us. However, it also can bring hassle to you, example: You are not satisfied with prices, quality of products, you worry about your financial information. So I advice you should choose trusted website.